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Why We Don’t “De-Glutenize”

Being a dedicated gluten-free brewery, we at Ghostfish tend to face a certain stigma. Simply put, many drinkers, brewers, and general beer aficionados tend to view anything brewed without barley as “not beer”, and many will dismiss out-of-hand a beer like ours without even trying it, simply because of the ingredients. It’s not helping our cause that there are now a few breweries putting out beer made from barley and claiming that it is safe for those with gluten intolerance. Never mind that neither the TTB nor the FDA allows them to explicitly make this claim on the packaging; these companies have found ways to skirt that through clever marketing and merchandising, and have led many consumers to believe that truly safe beer can be made from malted barley. This has led some people to wonder why we’re “mucking about” with exotic malted grains instead of jumping on the “de-glutenized” bandwagon. This post should lay such questions to rest.

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Our Origin Story

The origins of Ghostfish Brewing Company are mysterious even to its founders. The circumstances that brought the three of them together seem to defy all odds, almost as if larger forces were manipulating events to bring them together at precisely this place and precisely this time. If things hadn’t gone just so, there might easily have been two lesser breweries, or no brewery at all. Continue reading

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Welcome to the Ghostfish Blog!

Today is a momentous event in Ghostfish history, as we are launching our website and taking our first major step forward into the public eye.  It’s been a lot of work to get this far, and there’s still so much to do before we can get our doors open, but we are definitely ready to invite you wonderful folks along with us as we begin our journey in earnest. Continue reading