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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all your beers gluten-free?

Yes! No gluten-containing ingredients are permitted into our production facility, and every single ingredient in every single one of our beers is naturally gluten-free.  Any ingredient that is not produced in a dedicated facility is tested and certified gluten-free.

Our taproom kitchen is also 100% gluten-free.  No gluten-containing ingredients ever come into contact with any of our kitchen equipment.

What ingredients do you use to make your beers?

Our beers are primarily made from malted millet, which is a very small gluten-free grain that is grown all over the world.  In some beers, we also use malted and unmalted buckwheat, which is also naturally gluten-free, and not remotely related to wheat—it’s actually a cousin of rhubarb! Both of these malts are available to us in a variety of different roast levels, allowing us to achieve a tremendous variety of colors and flavors in our beers.

In addition to these main grains, we use both malted and unmalted brown rice, unmalted white sorghum, and Belgian candi (date and beet sugar) syrup in some beers. We use certified gluten-free oats sparingly in select beers. We also occasionally experiment with a variety of unrefined sugars, such as demerera, piloncillo, agave nectar, and honey, but do not currently use these sugars in any packaged beers.

What is malting, and why is it important to beer?

Malting is the process of sprouting grains (or seeds) under carefully-controlled conditions, and then drying in a kiln at specific temperatures.  This process alters the protein and starch content of the grains, and develops enzymes that convert starches to sugars during the mash process.  Only malted grains can be mashed in the traditional way; unmalted grains do not have enzymes necessary to produce fermentable sugars.

Malting also develops the flavor of the grains, and is what allows us to produce gluten-free beers with a more traditional flavor profile.  However, the malting process DOES NOT add gluten or render our beers unsafe for celiacs!  If a grain is gluten-free before it is malted, it will be gluten-free after it is malted.

Where do you get your ingredients?

We try to source all of our ingredients from small artisan producers. We get our malted grains from Grouse Malting Co. based in Wellington, CO, Colorado Malting Co. based in Alamosa, CO, and Eckert Malting Co. based in Chico, CA, who produce their gluten-free malts in dedicated gluten-free facilities. Our hops come primarily from growers in the Pacific Northwest. Our yeasts come from Fermentis and are certified gluten-free (no gluten ingredients are used in their facility).

Do you serve food at your brewery taproom?

Yes! We're open and following COVID-19 social distancing and facemask rules. We have a 100% gluten free menu available for to-go and curbside pickup. Order online for beer or food, or you can call us at 206-397-2898.

Where can I buy your beer?

Our beers are available for pick up at our Seattle brewery and taproom, as well as a fast-growing number of retail locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can also order online if your state permits direct-to-consumer beer shipments.