Need a Keg?


Ghostfish Brewing Kegs-To-Go

Rental Fees: Our keg and tap rentals are free, but we do require a $30 refundable deposit for each keg and a $15 refundable deposit for each tap to be placed on a credit card. When you stop back in to Ghostfish Brewing to return your empty keg, you must bring the original card we put the deposit on for us to refund your money.  *Refunds or exchanges cannot be made once the keg has left Ghostfish Brewing Property. 

Availability: We attempt to satisfy as many demands for our beer as possible. In order to ensure a keg is available, please reserve your keg at least a week before your desired pick-up date. 

    Please choose one of our three keg sizes.

    Depending on our current stock, we offer our year-round beers for kegs-to-go.

    We also offer a few of our seasonal releases.