Need a Keg?


Ghostfish Brewing Kegs-To-Go

Are you looking for a beer keg? Whether you're checking out keg prices for an event or looking to fill your personal kegerator to cut back on waste, we have a stellar selection of beer waiting for you. 

Availability: Availability by beer and keg size vary. We recommend reserving kegs a minimum of 14 days prior to your pick up date. Fill out the form below and we can let you know the availability of your beer selection.

Payment & Deposit Policy: Our keg and tap rentals are free of charge with a $100 refundable deposit for each keg and a $60 refundable deposit for each tap to be placed on a credit card at time of pick up.

Pick up: Come into the Taproom to pick up your keg and we will be happy to assist you out to your vehicle. Please note that refunds and exchanges cannot be made once the keg has left the Ghostfish Brewing property.

Return: We ask that your return your keg in 60 days after pick up. Those holding kegs longer than 60 days will receive a friendly reminder to return the equipment. After 60 days, late fees may apply. Once your keg and tap are returned, in working condition, we will refund your deposits.  

    Please choose one of our three keg sizes.

    Depending on our current stock, we offer our year-round beers for kegs-to-go.

    We also offer a few of our seasonal releases.