Brewery Progress Update, August 2014

As predicted, things have been extremely busy here at Ghostfish ever since we signed the lease on our space.  We have wasted no time at all in getting to work on building Seattle’s first dedicated gluten-free brewery!

First, we completed our TTB application and submitted it for approval.  The current forecast turn-around time for this is approximately 120 days, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that our good luck streak holds and we get a response sooner.  We’re now on to state and local permits…when other brewers told us to expect a mountain of paperwork, they really weren’t kidding!  Good to know our industry is thoroughly regulated.

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Ghostfish Finds a Home in Seattle

Oh my goodness have I ever been waiting a long time to make this announcement: Ghostfish Brewing Company has signed the lease on the property that will house our brewery and taproom!  That’s right, Washington State’s first dedicated gluten-free brewery finally has an address!  2942 1st Ave. South, Seattle WA, nestled between S. Hanford street to the south, and S. Forest street to the north.  Right in the heart of Seattle’s SoDo district, just a few blocks from the West Seattle bridge, and conveniently accessible by two freeways (I-5 and WA-99) as well as Link Light Rail (the SoDo station is just a few blocks away) and a variety of bus lines.

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