Can beer be wheat-free?

Drinking beer through straws was commonplace in Sumeria, Mesopotamia, and Egypt.

Wheat-free beers contrary to popular belief, are not new. During the Babylonian empire, gluten free grains, also known as ancient grains, primarily consisted of millet and buckwheat. The switch to barley and wheat occurred due to the desire to produce higher alcohol by volume (ABV) beverages using fewer resources. The higher ABV is possible because the sugars found in barley and wheat are easier for yeast to digest. 

The notion that gluten is a primary component of beer is a common misperception. While gluten free beer may not be a new concept, in many ways it has become a lost art.

Ghostfish Brewery is at the forefront of resurrecting this lost art—we love beer! We want everyone to have the ability to enjoy trendy and traditional beers, regardless of gluten intolerance. That is why we procure grains that are 100% gluten-free and source ingredients from these malthouses:

Grouse Malthouse (CO)

Eckert Malting Company (CA)

Skagit Valley Malting (WA)

Colorado Malting Company (CO)

In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, we’ll feature an article every week that answers common questions we hear about gluten free beer and living a gluten free lifestyle. Last week we talked about buckwheat, a fabulously versatile gluten free ingredient many people know little about. Check back next week for further adventures in living gluten free. Until next time, cheers!

One thought on “Can beer be wheat-free?

  • I don’t have celiac but I do have an intolerance to wheat specifically – which gives me a strong appreciation for all of the work done to help accommodate those who do have celiac. I love being able to go to places like Ghostfish without needing to meticulously review each menu item.
    In my experience, a lot of beer styles tend to use primarily barley rather than wheat (sometimes just in addition to it!), but this post title talks about wheat specifically. Aren’t there plenty of wheat free, but not necessarily gluten free beers?

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