But wait, buckwheat is wheat-free?

Yes it’s true! Buckwheat is celiac safe.

In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, we’re exploring buckwheat. The Japanese have cultivated buckwheat for ages and in the U.S. it’s gaining traction. The versatility and health benefits of this rhubarb relative are making it a popular alternative to grain-based beer. The kernels are an excellent replacement for traditional wheat or barley for brewing as buckwheat provides the proteins, starches, and enzymes needed to give beer body, mouthfeel, and head retention. Read about nutritional facts of buckwheat from a 2015 article on The Celiac Scene >>

The rich soil and growing conditions in Skagit Valley, Washington are ideal for buckwheat crops. Over three years ago, in a strategic partnership with Washington State University’s The Breadlab and Ghostfish, Skagit Valley Malting modified one of their malting machines to process 100% gluten free buckwheat for gluten free businesses. The buckwheat sold by SVM undergoes continuous strict batch testing from a third party to ensure safety. 

The specific buckwheat grown in Skagit Valley and malted by Skagit Valley Malting (SVM) releases earthy, nutty, herbal, and tea characteristics that add complexity to our brews. Though Ghostfish is one of the primary customers of Skagit Valley Malting’s gluten free buckwheat, more traditional breweries are finding the benefits of using it. Read Kendall Jones’ Washington Beer Blog article, “Adding to the haze, buckwheat is not just for gluten free brewers anymore”.

Buckwheat is nearly 40% of the grain bill for Ghostfish’s summer seasonal release, Gosefish Hibiscus Cranberry Gose (goz-uh). This recipe provides a solid base of pale malt buckwheat, malted millet, malted rice, and quinoa that lends characteristics typical of a German-style sour ale. For more about tasting notes, food pairings, and more about Ghostfish, follow this link  >>

Ghostfish beer leaves nothing behind but gluten. All our beers are pulled from various 100% gluten free grains to achieve desired results, including buckwheat, rice, millet, gluten-free oats, and quinoa. We’re using untraditional ingredients to emulate a style enjoyed by craft drinkers worldwide—ours just happens to be gluten free.


We are proud to announce medal winnings from the 10th annual New York International Beer Competition (NYIBC).

  • A light-bodied beer with a dry finish, Kick Step IPA wins a silver medal. This winning is the first medal for the beer. 
  • Watchstander Stout won a bronze medal. This winning adds to its gold medal from the 215 Great American Beer Festival. 
  • And, fan-favorite, Peak Buster Double IPA’s NYIBC bronze win complements its winnings of bronze at the Best of Craft Beer Awards in 2019 and gold win at the 2017 Great International Beer, Cider, Mead, & Sake competition.

This year’s NYIBC was entirely virtual with over 800 entries from breweries around the world, competing in nearly 40 categories. Judges included top beer buyers and industry trade professionals

News of the winnings comes on the heals of our announcements last week of expanding wholesale distribution to Montana and California. Now, Ghostfish beers can be found in 17 US states, including the great New York State, 2 Canadian provinces, and the United Kingdom. 


From the rugged Rocky Mountains to lush open plains, Montana is defined by hard work and a never-stop-exploring attitude that resonates with the foundation of Ghostfish Brewing Company. “To this day, we don’t take no for an answer. On a daily basis, we continue to push the boundaries of what gluten free beer is,” said Brian Thiel, Managing Owner and co-Founder of Ghostfish Brewing Company. “Of all the states in the US, those living in Montana have been the most vocal and persistent in getting Ghostfish there. And, I’m excited to finally get to answer an astounding YES to fans across the state. We’re thrilled to partner with George’s Distributing to bring Ghostfish beer throughout all four corners of the state.”

On March 22, 2021, George’s Distributing begins offering Ghostfish’s seven flagships beers: Grapefruit IPA, Vanishing Point Pale Ale, Shrouded Summit Belgian White Ale, Kick Step IPA, Meteor Shower Blonde Ale, Peak Buster Double IPA, and Watchstander Stout, along with Seasonal beer release, It Came From the Haze Hazy IPA #6 to retailers throughout Montana.

“Georges Distributing is beyond excited to be partnering with Ghostfish Brewing Company.  We work diligently to bring the best of the best to craft beer consumers in the Big Sky State,” said Jason Combs, Beer and Cider Brand Manager at George’s Distributing. “Ghostfish Brewing is an incredible brand focused on this common goal. Not only can we offer great craft beer produced from the brewing team there, we bring the leader in the gluten free craft beer industry to all thirsty consumers. To partner with a brewery that offers their craft not only as a gluten free beer but as quality craft beer for all consumers is a wonderful thing! Georges Distributing truly values the opportunity to bring the vision of Ghostfish Brewing to Montana!”