From the rugged Rocky Mountains to lush open plains, Montana is defined by hard work and a never-stop-exploring attitude that resonates with the foundation of Ghostfish Brewing Company. “To this day, we don’t take no for an answer. On a daily basis, we continue to push the boundaries of what gluten free beer is,” said Brian Thiel, Managing Owner and co-Founder of Ghostfish Brewing Company. “Of all the states in the US, those living in Montana have been the most vocal and persistent in getting Ghostfish there. And, I’m excited to finally get to answer an astounding YES to fans across the state. We’re thrilled to partner with George’s Distributing to bring Ghostfish beer throughout all four corners of the state.”

On March 22, 2021, George’s Distributing begins offering Ghostfish’s seven flagships beers: Grapefruit IPA, Vanishing Point Pale Ale, Shrouded Summit Belgian White Ale, Kick Step IPA, Meteor Shower Blonde Ale, Peak Buster Double IPA, and Watchstander Stout, along with Seasonal beer release, It Came From the Haze Hazy IPA #6 to retailers throughout Montana.

“Georges Distributing is beyond excited to be partnering with Ghostfish Brewing Company.  We work diligently to bring the best of the best to craft beer consumers in the Big Sky State,” said Jason Combs, Beer and Cider Brand Manager at George’s Distributing. “Ghostfish Brewing is an incredible brand focused on this common goal. Not only can we offer great craft beer produced from the brewing team there, we bring the leader in the gluten free craft beer industry to all thirsty consumers. To partner with a brewery that offers their craft not only as a gluten free beer but as quality craft beer for all consumers is a wonderful thing! Georges Distributing truly values the opportunity to bring the vision of Ghostfish Brewing to Montana!”


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