Brewery Progress Update, October 2014

Well, the time sure has been flying by! I guess that’s what happens when you’re putting in close to 60 hours a week working on really exciting stuff!

In case you somehow missed the big “Kickstarter” banner that’s now on our homepage, we launched a Kickstarter campaign on October 13th to fund an R&D lab, so that we can get Jason out of the kitchen and into a proper pilot brewing facility. We’re trying to raise $30,000 and we only have until November 13th! We’ve got some great rewards, so check it out if you haven’t already:

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Brewery Progress Update, August 2014

As predicted, things have been extremely busy here at Ghostfish ever since we signed the lease on our space.  We have wasted no time at all in getting to work on building Seattle’s first dedicated gluten-free brewery!

First, we completed our TTB application and submitted it for approval.  The current forecast turn-around time for this is approximately 120 days, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that our good luck streak holds and we get a response sooner.  We’re now on to state and local permits…when other brewers told us to expect a mountain of paperwork, they really weren’t kidding!  Good to know our industry is thoroughly regulated.

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Ghostfish Finds a Home in Seattle

Oh my goodness have I ever been waiting a long time to make this announcement: Ghostfish Brewing Company has signed the lease on the property that will house our brewery and taproom!  That’s right, Washington State’s first dedicated gluten-free brewery finally has an address!  2942 1st Ave. South, Seattle WA, nestled between S. Hanford street to the south, and S. Forest street to the north.  Right in the heart of Seattle’s SoDo district, just a few blocks from the West Seattle bridge, and conveniently accessible by two freeways (I-5 and WA-99) as well as Link Light Rail (the SoDo station is just a few blocks away) and a variety of bus lines.

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Ghostfish Brewing Company Logo

It’s been a long wait…

…but finally we can say “It’s really happening!”  That’s right, beer fans, Ghostfish Brewing Company is now fully-funded and ready to start putting our backs into it!

Things have been quiet on, and perhaps some of you were wondering if we’d slipped back into murky depths from which we came.  Nothing could have been further from the truth!  We have been diligently fundraising all this time, and are proud to welcome the newest member of the Ghostfish team: Wayne Moore, long-time family friend of founder Brian Thiel, and an intrepid spirit who recognized the vision behind our endeavor and wanted to share and support it.

We also spent a good amount of time sharpening our business plan against the whetstones of a variety of banks large and small, seeking the elusive quarry known as the SBA loan.  Like many breweries before us, we ultimately concluded that the SBA was just not the right fit for us, and decided “what the heck, we’re in this to win it, let’s just go ahead and bet the farm on it and do it with our own dollars!”

…And so it begins!  The time for gathering and preparation is finished, and we now begin the arduous journey of permitting, design, construction, permitting, installation, R&D, permitting, inspections, outreach, and did I mention permitting?  But rest assured, now that our funds are in place, we are all working full steam ahead to get our beer in cans and into your thirsty hands as soon as humanly (and legally) possible.

Ghostfish Brewing Tank Progress

State of the Brewery Part 3

Starting a brewery is a process that involves the careful balancing of a lot of variables.  Progress in any one area often seems interdependent on progress in other areas, and that is probably the main reason why the advice everyone gives to new breweries is “it’s going to take longer than you expect, no matter how long you expect it to take!” Continue reading

Ghostfish Brewing Company Logo

State of the Brewery: Part 2

January was a busy month for Ghostfish Brewing Company. It feels like a lot of things are happening all at once, and that we are really building momentum.

The biggest step forward has been in the real estate department. We took a look at several properties, and two of them leapt out as meeting our very particular needs; we are now negotiating through our realtor with the property owners and are optimistic that we will find our official home soon! Continue reading