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Welcome to the Ghostfish Blog!

Today is a momentous event in Ghostfish history, as we are launching our website and taking our first major step forward into the public eye.  It’s been a lot of work to get this far, and there’s still so much to do before we can get our doors open, but we are definitely ready to invite you wonderful folks along with us as we begin our journey in earnest.

You can expect a LOT of updates on this blog over the coming months; nobody ever accused us of dreaming too small, so of course our ambitions for this blog are as large as our ambitions for the brewery itself.  Along with progress updates on our funding, site selection, and build out, as well as pre-launch events and crowdfunding opportunities, we’ll be using the blog to introduce our team in greater depth, give updates on our recipe R&D, and offer up some of Igliashon’s best homebrew recipes for all the homebrewers out there.  You can also expect some educational posts about the nature of gluten, the gluten-free lifestyle, and how we approach gluten-free brewing (as compared to how some other breweries approach it).

We hope you’ll join us on our epic quest to make the best beer possible without any gluten-containing ingredients!

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