Ghostfish Brewing Vanishing Point 12oz Cans

Vanishing Point in 12-Ounce Cans

As you may have seen recently, in an article on Seattle Met, the can is back! We’re excited and grateful to be featured in this article and soon you will be able to enjoy the refreshing taste of Vanishing Point Pale Ale in convenient 12oz cans. The 12oz aluminum can is the perfect vessel to enjoy Ghostfish beer! Whether you are hiking, biking, fishing, camping or just hanging out in your own backyard BBQ, Vanishing Point Pale Ale 12oz cans are up to the challenge. These cans will be sold in 4-packs in retail outlets starting sometime in mid-late July.

In addition to a new container, there is a slight evolution in the recipe to incorporate a new special ingredient: gluten-free rice malt! This rice malt comes from a supplier in California: Eckert Malting & Brewing.  This new ingredient is in addition to the malted millet from Grouse Malting Co. that is normally featured in this beer.  Eckert Malting is the only dedicated rice malting facility in the world, and one of only two dedicated gluten-free malting facilities in the country (the other being Grouse).  

We are very excited about this new development in the recipe, as it will help increase the body and add some extra depth and complexity to the malt flavor.  Moving forward, we will also be incorporating many varieties of Eckert specialty rice malts into our Watchstander, Peak Buster, and Shrouded Summit recipes, as well as developing new beer styles that will more prominently feature these wonderful malts.  These evolved recipes will start hitting shelves in July.  We see this as part of our ongoing mission to “push the boundaries of beer”, while also supporting small independent gluten-free ingredient producers who push the boundaries of their own craft.

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