Case of Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Gose 16oz Cans


Ghostfish Brewing is proud to ship our beer to Washington state, Ohio state, and District of Columbia residents who are 21 or older. Photo ID must be presented at time of delivery. This case of Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Gose contains 24 cans, 16oz each.



Beer Style Information:

Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Gose (5% ABV / 8 IBU)

“Gosefish?” It was a pun too obvious to resist, making it the perfect name for a beer that’s just too good to resist! With its vivid pink hue, this alluring sour ale is a refreshing blend of tart cranberry, tropical hibiscus, coriander, and a hint of salt. A perfect companion for outdoor gatherings and care free adventures. Pairs with soft cheeses, fruit, spring mixed greens, turkey and cured meats. SEASONAL RELEASE

Ingredients : water, malted buckwheat (Skagit Valley Malting), malted millet (Grouse Malting Co.), malted rice (Eckert Malting), quinoa, cranberry puree, hibiscus, hops, coriander, salt, yeast

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Weight 441.6 oz


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