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Limited-Release Beers


Seasonal Releases

We’ve got a beer for every season!


Spring Seasonal


Available in 22 oz bottless

Gluten Free Beer, 2016 U.S. Beer Open

Anyone who’s been to our taproom has probably met Kai, Randy’s friendly golden retriever (and unofficial Ghostfish mascot). This spring seasonal pays tribute to him: a brilliant red body with a playful malt personality, greeting you with a friendly hop-forward bark. Cheers to spring!

Ingredients : water, malted & roasted buckwheat and millet (from Grouse Malting Co.), tapioca syrup, candi syrup, hops, yeast

ABV: 6%
IBU: 70

Summer Seasonal

Available in 22 oz bottles

When you’re relaxing near the water in the summer sunshine, this seasonal release is sure to leave you feeling refreshed. Stay tuned to learn more about this brew as we develop it!

Ingredients : TBD



Fall Seasonal

Available in 22 oz bottles

Brewed in the Belgian Abbey Tripel style, known for it’s fruity & spicy aroma, light body, and sturdy strength. Spices included are a traditional mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, allspice, and coriander. A crisp malt flavor & subtle bitterness from the Mt. Hood hops balance the spices and keep the beer refreshing & quaffable.  

Ingredients : water, malted millet (from Grouse Malting Co.), malted rice (Eckert Malting), eet sugar, pumpkin, hops, spices, yeast

ABV: 8%
IBU: 22

 Winter Seasonal

Available in 22 oz bottles 

When the days get short and the weather feels like the coming of a new ice age, the urge to hibernate gets tough to resist. Don’t give in! Bundle up, and let this hearty porter chase off your winter weariness with the invigorating aroma of Tony’s Ganesha Espresso. Brewed with dark roasted buckwheat, millet, and rice malt, and finished with the darkest Belgian candi syrup ever made, this rich & decadent treat will stand up to the worst winter weather.

 Ingredients : water, malted millet (from Grouse Malting Co.), malted rice (Eckert Malting), roasted buckwheat, brown rice, candi syrup (date & beet sugar), coffee, hops, yeast 

ABV: 5.3%
IBU: 20


Draft-Only Brews

Developed on our pilot system, then brewed on our main system so they stick around for a while!



Firelight Brown Ale —

Early Spring 2016

A showcase for the artisan millet malts that form the foundation of most of our brews, this beer makes an excellent all-night conversation companion. Light-bodied but with full nutty and bready flavors and a milk chocolate overtone. A light hop bill of Nugget and Willamette provides moderate bitterness and a floral aroma.

ABV: 4%
IBU: 35


May 2016

Brewed in collaboration with Seattle Cider Company, this unusual hybrid style is 1/3 cider, 2/3 beer, and 3/3 delicious! We brewed a light rice-malt ale and co-fermented it with Seattle Cider’s custom blend of cider stock, then dry-hopped with some juicy apple-scented Caliente hops.  An excellent “lawnmower” beer for the sunny season!

ABV: 5.1%
IBU: 22

Ghost Pepper Saison —

July 2016

Not for the faint of heart!  We started with a light farmhouse-style saison ale recipe, then fermented it on a blend of fresh habanero, Anaheim, and ghost peppers.  The initial rush of pepper heat gives way to a surprisingly delicate flavor of crisp malt and bubblegum-like esters.

ABV: 5%
IBU: 22

Small-Batch Experiments

Brewed one keg at a time on our Kickstarter-funded 15-gallon pilot system!


What Will We Brew Up Next?

Experimentation is at the heart of what we do at Ghostfish.  We are always on the search for new gluten-free ingredients and boundary-pushing recipe ideas, as well as innovative ways to faithfully translate classic beer styles into 100% gluten-free forms. We use our pilot system to brew small batches of new recipes, then let our taproom customers help us decide which beers deserve to graduate to full production.  These beers change every week, and usually go fast, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the rotation!

A partial list of past experimentals: Nut Brown, Smoked Porter, Chamomile Blonde, Imperial Stout, Kombucha Sour Mash, Citra Single-Hop Blonde, Irish Red, Colorado Crystal, Buckwheat Porter