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Our Vision

Ghostfish Brewing Company is a brewery with a mission: to elevate gluten-free beer to the forefront of craft brewing innovation.  All three of our founders are either gluten-intolerant themselves or have loved ones who are, so we are acutely aware of how the craft brewing revolution has left gluten-intolerant drinkers behind.  We believe fate has brought us together to help rectify that!

We combine traditional brewing methods with non-traditional ingredients in a constantly-evolving repertoire of beer styles.  You can learn more about how and why we make beer the way we do on our FAQ page.

Our Founders


  • Randy Schroeder, Operations Director

    Randy has spent his career in architecture & construction, working for top companies in senior positions and building businesses for himself. A certifiable health nut, Randy and his wife Kim live gluten-free lives because their bodies prefer it!      ...

  • Jason “Ig Jones” Yerger, Brewmaster

    Jason (known to most on the internet by his psuedonym Igliashon, or Ig for short) left behind a career in acupuncture to pursue his dream of brewing beer. He was diagnosed as gluten intolerant at age 25 and is an active member of various online GF homebrewing communities....

  • Brian Thiel, Sales Manager

    Brian has enjoyed a lengthy career in the beverage packaging industry. When his wife, Amber was diagnosed with Celiac disease, Brian knew the time had come to combine his love of craft beer with industry experience to open the best dedicated gluten-free brewery.    ...